If you don't believe in me, you shouldn't be here (the_midgetqueen) wrote in jrockmidwest,
If you don't believe in me, you shouldn't be here

I just thought of the stupidest idea last night. And I'm actually doing it.

From the Facebook group, which is here:

I'm looking for 5-10 people (but hey, the more the merrier!) who will band together with me in forming a Hard Gay army cosplay group at ACEN 2007 in Chicago, IL. Doesn't matter your sex, build, height, size, hair color, hair length, whatever. And it's ok if your costume isn't positively perfect. With this late of notice, we're probably bound to be a little ragtag. But damn... an entire army of Hard Gay? Could you honestly resist it?

Please join the Facebook group, and/or send me an email at LCBARR07 AT GMAIL DOT COM and let me know if you're joining up with the gayest cosplay army ever! I will fill you in on more details, meeting location, which day(s) we're dressing up, etc.
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